This was a special occasion as we were able to induct our ECSA Hall of Fame Class of 2020 and 2021 at Rein Fire Ranch on Sunday, September 26, 2021. The ECSA Hall of Fame members embody our core values, ExcellenceCommunitySportsmanshipand Acceptance. For this, we recognize them and our inductees with Hall of Fame honors.

Let us celebrate and enjoy this moment together!

"A life is not important except on the impact it has on other lives."

- Jackie Robinson -


Meet the ECSA Hall of Fame
Class of 2020 & 2021

Jon Ericson

Jon, also known as “Little Jon,” has played in the ECSA for 16 seasons and has worked behind the scenes of the Emerald City Softball Association as either a team manager, assistant coach or ECSA board member for the past 14 seasons. He joined the ECSA board several years ago as the league Secretary, served as an Assistant Commissioner and Director of Competition and is currently our league Commissioner. He may be known as “Little Jon”, but he has shown a “giant” heart for his dedication, patience and contributions to the growth and success of the ESCA. In addition to serving on the board, Jon has worked on many subcommittees to make the league more fun, fair and a safe place to play for our members! Jon clearly exemplifies the qualities of an ECSA Hall of Fame member.

Don Okazaki

Jon Ericson

Howard Russell

Howard is both a competitor and supporter of everyone on the field.  He will go out of his way to pick up others who are having a bad day on and off the fields.  Howard has started, managed, coached and helped raise money for several teams in the league through performances or hosting several functions. When people think about the ECSA players that embody what it means to play in this league, they think of Howard among names of many other great competitors and supporters.  In addition to ECSA he is a good steward in the community fighting for minority rights, justice and acceptance. Howard is truly a hall of famer in the eyes of many.

Floyd Lovelady

Howard Russell

Rich Matheson

Rich became part of the gay softball community in 1998 while living in Dallas.  His softball skills were noted immediately and between 1998 and 2006 Rich represented the Dallas B division in four World Series, placing fourth in the 2002 Portland Series while playing for the Dallas Bandits. Since moving to Seattle, Rich has played in the ECSA B, C, and Master’s divisions.  The Seattle teams he has been part of include the Shock, Vendetta, RVD and Fireballers in B division; the Browns in C, and most recently the Silverbacks in Masters. Since relocating to Seattle, he has represented ECSA in five world series. Rich will tell you that some of his fondest softball memories are those where he had the opportunity to coach and mentor new and less experienced ball players.

Donny Moritz

Rich Matheson

Alex Garnett

Alex Garnett began playing softball in the ECSA back in 2007.  He started his playing career with the Seattle Throttle, Seattle Buzz in 2008, Seattle Saints in 2009, Seattle Avengers (D) and Seattle Squadron (C) in 2011, and the Seattle Badgers from 2012-present. As a personal highlight in 2011, Alex is one of the last few players that the Board has asked to move up divisions mid-season.  That year he went 8-0 with the Avengers and 10-0 with the Squadron.  Alex calls it his “perfect season”. During his time in the league, Alex has taken his love of softball and community and has volunteered on our Executive Board for 5 seasons.  Alex served as the ECSA Logistics Director from 2015-2016, and also served as our C Division Assistant Commissioner from 2016-2019. Alex’s love for the game and for his community make it clear that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as our other legendary Hall of Famers.

Andy Reiswig

Alex Garnett

Holden Knecht

Since 2000, he has been a fixture in our league as well as the Rose City Softball Association (RCSA – Portland).  He has contributed as a player, team manager and board member throughout his 13 seasons with the ECSA, and in 2005 he was honored as the ECSA’s Manager of the Year with the Seattle Torrents. There are some players who are honored purely for playing and that is exceptional. There are others that are honored for their commitment to make softball available for anyone that wants to play it, regardless of their skill level or ability. Holden thrives in the latter category. It is this spirit of service that threads through Holden’s ongoing commitment to softball and raising up a community through this league and others.

Ali Peters

Holden Knecht

Brent Scott

Brent has played in the ECSA for over 20 seasons and began his career in the league in 2000 with the Prowlers.  Since that time, he has travelled to tournaments in 11 different cities, won medals in eight different tournaments and has represented the ECSA in eight GSWS tournaments. Brent Scott is the type of player who exemplifies the ECSA spirit of sportsmanship.  Never angry, always even keeled, one of the most pleasant players you will ever meet. His team spirit is infectious and everyone who has ever played on a team with him will say that he is the glue that holds the team together.

Jeff Keever 

Brent Scott

Jared Walters

Jared began playing in the ECSA in 2001 with the Seattle Tramps which kicked off his softball career playing in 16 world series with multiple first place trophies. Jared has been an active member of the league for over 20 seasons and during his time he has recruited and coached several players. He formed the Vendetta B division and coached them for 7 years and has helped form the Gallitos B division team. Jared is known and loved by many in the ECSA community. He has done a lot for this league, teams and players that has gone unrecognized. You would be hard pressed to find someone in this league who does not know Jared.

[Jeff “Pony” Gunter – Video will be uploaded when available]

Jared Walters

Chris Daw
& CC Attle's

One of the most enduring and generous, yet understated, presence in ECSA is C.C.’s and Chris Daw. While not physically on the ball fields, C.C.’s and Chris show up each week to lend their good will and stature to the league and various division teams as sponsor. Notably, for the past 10+ years since taking the helm of C.C.’s, Chris has extended outright donations to multiple teams each season for their league fees, tournament costs, and uniforms – all without reciprocity from the teams in exchange for C.C.’s support and sponsorship. When many of those teams have qualified for the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS), C.C.’s has offered the teams additional opportunities to fundraise at the bar to garner revenue to offset travel and other costs for the out of state tournament. Recognition of the bar’s generous impact and pride in the successes of our teams can be seen by the many trophies that are housed in the glass display case in C.C.’s. As their sponsor, C.C.’s and Chris have created a place for ECSA teams to call home while on Capitol Hill – a welcoming landing place to celebrate or commiserate with teammates and friends after Sunday games.

[Brandon Chun – Video will be uploaded when available]

[Chris Daw & CC Attle’s – Video will be uploaded when available]







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