This is a special occasion as we celebrate and induct our ECSA Hall of Fame Class of 2022 at Rein Fire Ranch! The ECSA Hall of Fame member’s embody our core values of Excellence, Community, Sportsmanship and Acceptance. For this, we recognize them and our inductees with Hall of Fame honors.

Let us celebrate and enjoy this moment together!

Program Outline

12:00 – Arrival
12:45 – Lunch
1:30 – Program Begins
1:35 – Remembering Those We Lost
1:45 – Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:
Fern Estaban
Stacy Maddux
Joshua Magallanes
2:45 – End of Ceremony,
Campfire & S’mores

Food & Drinks

Fresh Baked Rolls
Fresh Dinner Salad
Fresh Fruit Bowl
Potato Salad
BBQ Baked Beans
Smoked Chicken
Smoked BBQ Pig
Cash Bar

Fun Activities

Corn Hole
Campfire & S’mores

Hall of Fame Members:
Group Photo (at the end)


27615 340th Ave SE,
Ravensdale, WA 98051

Stacy Maddux

Stacy has been a member of the league for 11 years and volunteered on the board almost as long. She started out as the Events Coordinator in 2012 and by 2015 became the Fall Ball Director. Through her leadership she has helped to grow Fall Ball and the entire league. Stacy is always welcoming to new members. She finds a spot for everyone and instantly makes people feel included in the ECSA community. She is one of a kind and we are honored to have someone like her in our league.

Joshua Magallanes

Joshua started playing gay softball in Phoenix Arizona in 2000. He played 3 years in the Cactus City Softball League before he met an ECSA player and moved to Seattle. He began his ECSA career with the Rainiers and has played 19 years in the ECSA, and has played in 20 World Series. Joshua has contributed a lot to the ECSA and has coached 3 teams: The Arsenal, the Knights and for the last 7 years, the Los Gallitos. Joshua has also hosted several ECSA events and fundraisers, most recently he was the Co-Host of the ECSA Pageant. He is always available for his ECSA community and his friends, just ask him and he will be there to help and support. He has recruited dozens of current and past ECSA members to the league and is currently serving on the ECSA Board as the A/B Assistant Commissioner. A couple of Joshua’s best qualities is his ability to see the good in people and his always positive outlook on life. He is a nurturer at heart and has been a great role model for many of our younger ECSA family members. The Los Gallitos are proud to call him friend, family, brother, sister, coach, teammate, bi**h and his drag persona, Alexis Champagne. We know we have a friend for life and look forward to playing many more.

Fern Estaban

Fern has been playing and inspiring teammates within our community since the year 2000 when he joined. He competed in the former C-Rec division that became the D division in 2001. He made his debut for two years on the Seawolf Diamonds, then played on Stella & Groovers in 2002. It was in his 4th season that he was asked to step up and lead the Groovers after they lost their coach. This wouldn’t be the last team that benefitted from Fern’s coaching abilities. In 2004, he was an all-star outfielder on the Madison Pub Maulers and competed with them at the GSWS in Dallas. The next season, Fern was among several D players that were moved up to the C division by the newly created Directors of Competition. In C division, Fern was able to continue growing as a competitive player but also to share his knowledge by mentoring in the D division -which he did when he founded and coached the Tsunami (2005-2008). Fern played in C division for 7 years before returning to D division in 2012. In 2013, he returned to coach/player for Seattle Justice League and the following year took a break from softball which turned into 5 years. He later joined the Sinners in 2019. You can hear Fern’s saying “where’s the play at?” when he is on the field. After competing with the Sockeyes E at Columbus GSWS in 2021, Fern was inspired to co-found a new team, the Sinister.

Event Photos and Videos

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