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About ECSA

For over 40+ years, Seattle’s Emerald City Softball Association is the Pacific Northwest’s largest softball organization geared to LGBTQIA+ and non-LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The ECSA Open Division is proud to feature over 30+ teams in the A/B, C, D, and E Divisions. Regular season games are played on Sundays, April 7 through June 23. Looking for a team? Place a Team Matchmaker ad or email our membership director.

The ECSA started in 1980 in Seattle as a group of friends playing ball and has grown to be a welcoming place for LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ players to partake in the competition and spirit of softball. It is now one of the oldest and largest gay softball leagues in the nation.

As a proud member of the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA), the ECSA sends its top teams to each year’s NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series. The 2019 World Series is Sep. 2-8 in Kansas City, MO. NAGAAA represents more than 17,000 players and 1,000 teams in 46 member cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Celebrating 40+ Years!

ECSA is celebrating 40+ years as an organization, full of memories, camaraderie, community, and softball! Join ECSA as we celebrate the past 40+ years and look towards many more to come!

Commissioner’s Welcome

As the Commissioner of Emerald City Softball Association, I'd like welcome you. During our 2019 season we will be celebrating our 40th year of existence as a softball league with the goal to provide a safe environment for the gay community and allies. When I joined the league 27 years ago, I had recently come out and joining the league was suggested to me by a friend as a means to meet new people in the gay community. That suggestion resulted in me getting on a team and starting a rewarding journey of being involved with this special community and creating so many friendships. Becoming a Board member was my way of giving back to this organization. We welcome everyone to be part of the league regardless of sexual orientation, gender or race or their athletic ability. My goal is to provide to others the same welcoming community that I've experienced for the last 27 years.
Frank Pichinini

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