ECSA finally holds the first of two Team Representative Meetings in preparation of the softball season, after postponement from I-99 Tunnel Construction and the Snowpocalypse of 2019.

Seattle Central College — Frank Pichinini presented to 29 Team Representatives in preparation of the 2019 softball season. Covering a wide array of topics; ranging from the outcomes of the 2019 NAGAAA Winter Meetings to much larger changes to our league play: Moving to Pick a Stick game play. Pick a Stick game play is where there is a bucket of six (6) bats on each field. The competing teams are allowed to ONLY use those six bats during the game and cannot use a personal bat. Also, the bat cannot enter the either dugout during the game, with consequences being as severe as ejection from the game for the offending player.

“This isn’t something that was brought up on a whim. We thought a great deal about the league, its members, and what would be best for the league”, said Andy Rock, ECSA Secretary. “We want to make sure that our league members are not limited to whether or not they can afford to purchase a bat, glove, or cleats on top of the Players Fee. But, we also understand that many members have already purchased bats for the 2019 season and would be forced to not use them during season games. It really shouldn’t be decided by the board, rather the league as a whole”.

The ECSA Players Fee is a discountable cost, if you fall into certain categories for financial need and reach out to the Commissioner, Frank Pichinini.

The outcome of the decision for Pick a Stick in league play has yet to be made. As the ECSA Board has asked the Team Representatives to reach out to their team members and ask for their opinions:

“Should ECSA move to a Pick a Stick game play, similar to what is conducted at NAGAAA GSWS, in the 2019 Season?”

The decision has yet to be made, but the voice of ECSA members will be heard on March 4, and ECSA will have less than one month to implement the changes, during the second and final ECSA Team Representative Meeting before the season starts on April 4.

Should ECSA move to a Pick a Stick game play, similar to what is conducted at NAGAAA GSWS, in the 2019 Season?