Hello, All-

This year is quite the milestone for us as we celebrate 40 years as a softball league. in our journey over the last 40 years, we’ve seen this league grow from a just a few friends playing ball together to nearly 40 teams at it’s peak! Our league has changed just like society has changed over those 40 years. We have become a respected, diverse organization within our community- building a family.

When I joined the league 27 years ago we had around 6 teams. I had recently come out – I was in a relationship and the only gay friends I had were my partner’s friends. ECSA was suggested to me as a place to check out where I could make my own friends. I joined and never looked back, establishing some of the best relationships of my life as well as so many memories. I went from a player to a player/coach to a Board member to Tournament Director to Commissioner and also the Executive Director for hosting the World Series in Seattle in 2008. My main goal as the current Commissioner is to work to provide the same opportunities and experiences that ECSA provided me to anyone that joins the league. I want you all to feel like you are part of this big, diverse family.  

We’ve got a lot of things planned to celebrate our 40th year. Firstly: Every player this year will receive a 40th-year T-shirt, just by signing up for the season. Our 2019 Season Kickoff Party will be a Bar Crawl using 4 separate bars. It will be on Sunday March 31st – we will start at one bar and move to the three others- each bar will be themed, celebrating one of four decades we have been a league: 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s. Look for a facebook event for the kickoff party shortly. We have many other things we plan to do over the season and more information will be coming out for all of them.

Welcome the the 2019 ECSA season – Welcome to our community – Welcome to our Family.