Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When and Where is Field Day?
February 20, 2021
12pm – 2pm

Valley Ridge Park
4644 S 188th St
SeaTac, WA 98188

What is Field Day?
Field Day is our preseason two-hour recruiting event for new players as well as those returning to the league or looking for a new team. The event provides all prospective players visibility to coaches and managers looking to fill their team rosters. Prospective players will participate in fielding, throwing, and batting drills which will allow ECSA officials to guide each player’s skill-level division. Several ECSA Board members will be present to answer questions.

Are masks required?
Yes. Masks are required at all times during Field Day.

Can I preregister for Field Day?
Yes. You can preregister with the button below.

What is the ECSA?
The Emerald City Softball Association is the largest LGBTQIA+ and allies softball league in the greater Seattle area. We have five divisions of play from people who have never picked up a softball to those who are at the highest level of amateur athletics. The ECSA is a welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ and allies to partake in the competition and spirit of softball. We are one of the oldest and largest leagues in the nation.

How do I compete with other players with the same skill level as me?
Teams are divided by Player and Team ratings – but don’t focus on your individual rating just yet as this can change as you grow as a player. Focus on having fun and what you want to get out of our softball league. The ECSA Directors of Competition will assess your preliminary rating and recommend which division for you at Field Day.

How do I find a team?
At our Field Day, you will have the opportunity to show your stuff by participating in the drills – which are led by some of our veteran players who are volunteering for the event. Team coaches and managers will be present to observe – you will get the opportunity to meet them following the drills. If you get an invite to check out their team practice – definitely accept and see if it’s a mutual fit.
Teams have different needs to fill and goals for the season – find a team that fits you and you for them. There is no pressure and we recommend you find a team where you feel at home.

What equipment do I need to play softball?
– Softball mitt (slightly larger than a baseball mitt) Molded cleats (no metal cleats allowed)
– Jock & cup, if applicable
– Batting gloves (optional suggestion)

Do I need to buy a bat?
No need to worry about a bat just yet – and most teams already have bats that are shared with teammates – but if you are thinking about purchasing one, please consult with your coach/manager first. All bats must be USA-approved to be used in our League.

What are the player fees?
Every League player pays their player dues online. You can do this after you find a team and register for the season. The current player dues are $110. We have financial assistance available!

When and where are team practices?
Each team decides when and where to practice.

Where are games played and how long is the season?
Our games are played at North Seatac Fields. The season starts in early April and ends before Pride weekend in June. We have some weekends off for holidays, like Memorial Day.

Am I able to change teams once the season starts?
We want everyone to enjoy their softball experience, but for whatever reason, you feel the need to depart a team, you have until “season change date” to move to another team. You can utilize your division commissioner and/or the league membership director to help facilitate the change.

Where can I go for more information?
Holden Knecht, ECSA Membership Director